Ian Smedley Ceramic Artist and Studio Potter working in Wiltshire

Ian Smedley ceramic artist and studio potter living and working in Wiltshire. My sculptures are hand-built using coiling and slab techniques. In contrast, I also create a small quantity of thrown domestic ware, both thrown and hand-built functional vessels, as well as purely decorative pieces.

Latest News – Ian Smedley Ceramic Artist
23rd April 2024 – My web shop has now been re-stocked with lots of new mugs, beakers, bowls, boxes and vases. You can also buy various types of Pottery Workshop and Experience Vouchers which always make great presents. Click to go to the shop.

My Process
I fire my pottery to stoneware temperatures. I Raku fire other pieces using an outdoor kiln. The Raku process is very quick. I first heat the pots to a cherry red glow. I take them out of the kiln with tongues and place the red-hot pots into a metal bin filled with combustible sawdust and paper. The material catches fire, and I seal the lid to prevent air from entering. Next the reduction process occurs, transforming the metal oxides on the pieces into a stunning array of fabulous colours. Finally the fired pots are then washed and scrubbed clean, only then is the surface revealed. Each Raku piece is unique.

Raku sculpture of an armoured figure

Learn Pottery with Ian Smedley Ceramic Artist
I provide pottery workshops in Wiltshire where you can learn techniques like throwing on the potter’s wheel and hand-building using slab and coil methods. These workshops include taster sessions for both throwing and hand-building, as well as the chance to try Raku firing. For personalised instruction, the pottery workshops are limited to 2 participants at a time, while Raku sessions can accommodate up to 4 people.

I tailor sessions depending on your interests if you already have some experience. Occasionally, I do take on one-one students who are thinking of taking up pottery either as a hobby or career.

You can also gift a “taster session” and arrange the date later.

Have a look at the workshops page for more information.

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